Anniversary Party Ideas

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1.) Heart garland or strings of hearts. Here's the inspiration behind it.

2.) Heart lollipops
Scroll down to the swing pictures here and look for the little heart sticks on the right. These look one sided but I thought smashing the lollipop stick flat and sandwiching it between two paper hearts would be better.

3.) M <3 W or W <3 M
I bought some sheets of moss to cover these. I didn't find a solid heart but found a heart box that I could use somehow. Here's my inspiration and here's a tutorial.

4.)Fabric bunting
Kind of like this but a little closer together. I was thinking of hanging these on the fence. If I have time I'd like to applique some cut out hearts on some of the little flags. The fabric below is what I was thinking of. Here's one tutorial.

5.) Heart-shaped wire baskets and random-shaped vases/jars for flowers

Mixtape II

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I started the next quilt piecing last night: Mixtape Quilts II from Oh, Fransson!. I'm thinking warm versus cool so far. Though, I'm not sure if that's because I'm really liking the teal/turquoise with yellows and oranges. I need to dig up some good greens and get my pinks and purples cut. :D

2010.11.11: Mixtape II2010.11.11: Mixtape II
2010.11.11: Mixtape II2010.11.11: Mixtape II

2011.01.30: MixTape II2011.01.30: MixTape II2011.01.30: MixTape II
2011.01.30: MixTape II2011.01.30: MixTape II2011.01.30: MixTape II

Birds, Cupcakes, Reproductions, and Jane

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50% off the little green bird and lattice prints! Score! And cupcakes!? How cute!
Green BirdsCupcakes!

I'm slowly collecting fat quarters of the 1930's reproductions and other tiny prints that match. I found a quilt pattern over the weekend at Cabbage Rose that I think will be cool with these little pretties: 'Just a Piece of Cake'.
30's Reps
30's Reps

My Nicey Jane quilt top is finished! I have to say, I really enjoyed making this. I have a better idea of what to look for on my next quilt to make sure my seams match up more than these did. I think I'm only a quarter inch off on a couple rows. Whoops. :)
Nicey Jane Baker's DozenNicey Jane Baker's Dozen

Lara Cameron

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Lara Cameron's quilt of her own handprinted fabric. I love it. And she prints on an organic cotton/hemp blend.

Colorless and Colorful Inspiration

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I love this room. I love Design Sponge. I'm really liking different shades and hues of grays on the wall, especially with white trim.

Quilt #1: Heather Bailey's "Nicey Jane" using the Baker's Dozen pattern my sister and I picked up from Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth. It's nice and simple for my first quilt.

Quilt #2: Lauren and Jessi Jung's botany line for a little bit of bark, ripple, bloom, and grass. Seeds, tendrils, bramble vines, glories, and buds. My original thought was to use Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Path pattern, but after going through the patterns on Lauren and Jessi's blog, I may change my mind. :) I like the brick path for the simplicity to show off the little details and patterns of the fabric. Who knows, by the time I finish my Nicey Jane Baker's Dozen, I may find a new pattern.
Quilt Attempt #1 Quilt #2

Quilt #3?: Rosemarie Lavin's Spa collection in browns and greens or browns and blues? I'm looking for something cool and calm in colors both Will and I dig.
Quilt #3?
Quilt #3?

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