Rustic Modern

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Modern rustic... Rustic modern... Whatever you call it, I think it's my favorite style. Give me plenty of light from walls of windows, old wooden rafters, stone floors and soft rugs under my toes. Feather pillows, fresh flowers. Farm house in the city. Sheets drying on the clothes line and a warm dinner with friends next to an outdoor fireplace on a cool night.

These are a few of my favorite things...

Living Room Quandary

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We have an odd shaped living room. Five-sided like the profile of a diamond and I believe it's taller than it is wide (I guess I could measure). An angled ceiling between 18' and 20' at the highest side. Massive fire place columns and a mantle that I can't see the top of. A pulpit...yes, a pulpit. It's sunk about 4" from the dining room and entry floor and the builder left left a 2" deep concrete edge around the entire room so we can't lean any bookshelves against the wall. What to do with the tall empty walls...hmmmm...

Suspended library: Yes! This is an absolutely brilliant idea. Add some Billy or Expedit and our cd/dvd/cassette/vinyl collection can move from the guest room to the living room. Or even better, build a mezzanine to extend the pulpit and include the media library!

I want to rip the carpet out to stain and polish the concrete slab, knock down the 12' tall brick fireplace columns, replace the redish-brown tile with new glass tiles, and add a smaller mantle.

Check these tiles out:

Stained and polished concrete, the Ian sectional in charcoal from Room and Board, maybe with Flor carpet tiles, and our espresso and black glass TV stand.

My Busy Weekend

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Saturday morning I slept in until 11, and it felt great. I woke up refreshed and ready for a productive weekend. After some breakfast and yummy coffee, I grabbed my gloves, hat, and shoes and headed out to mow and edge the front yard. When I finished, I filled four yard waste bags full of weeds and dead leaves that I swept from the curb.

Sunday morning I jumped out of bed shortly after 9 and headed for The Container Store for their 25% off shelving sale. I picked up a wall mount shelf in "driftwood" I've had my eye on to try out an idea for storing my cds.

When I got home, I planted a few of my remaining 'Bada Bing' begonias by the front entrance and some purple garden mums by the mailbox columns. I found out that I've been watering part of a neighbor's lawn for at least a month of occasional watering now. Whoops! I'm not sure how long it has been misaligned.

I try to make the rounds at least every couple of months to make sure they're all spraying where and how they should be. Regardless, it stopped rotating as it should have been so I went ahead and replaced it with an extra I had in the garage. And shortly before dusk, I replaced the faulty landscape light power pack in the front yard.


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After having some foundation work done and a french drain installed last summer, we ended up with a drainage issue on this side of the house. We hacked out the old holly bushes weeks ago, but I finally had enough consecutive non-rainy days to level the ground and lay some sod. Well, not really level. The newly laid sod is slightly angled away from the house towards the french drain and angled away from the fence towards the camera. The french drain is a few inches to the left of the left white pvc cap stretching the length of the house. I'm exhausted, my hands hurt, and I have a length of about 12 feet of ground left to sod to finish the first two rows, but I'm happy I made it this far.

Once I finish laying the sod, the next project is to add a couple flower beds in rings around the oak trees. White caladiums, pink begonias, and ferns, oh my! And we'll be getting gutters installed on the 6th to further help divert water away from the house. I need more days in my weekends.

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